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Barracks on the intersection: "white" into the house VR technology "landing"

According to "Youth Daily" reported that this year's Shanghai International Technology Import and Export Fair will be held April 21 - held on 23 May. Recently, the Youth Daily reporter went to the barracks and found a lot of fun and practical product: Like "Meng God" white blood glucose blood pressure can help you as a robot, about the distance within the range of 158 ° has the effect of super-multiview 3D 4K3D essential artifact TV, outdoor adventure enthusiasts infrared thermal imaging telescope.

Remember the "Super Marines" inside the white heart-warming it? The upcoming meeting turned exhibition "Secretary 1" on the part of a healthy white robot functions. "No. 1 secretary" look exactly like an astronaut, his left hand holding a blood pressure monitor, as long as the arm twenty-three minutes into the wait to see the blood pressure and blood sugar health indicators on their chest display. In addition, the "No. 1 secretary" platform inside the government and social service resources convenience Unicom together through the use of sensors, face recognition and voice recognition technology to facilitate community residents in the form of a voice conversation to check their health (social) security card information, hospital records, the query near the mall discount information and reservation community convenience services, such as maintenance of computers. At present, "Secretary 1" robot mainly purchased by the institution Street Town, has been in the horse community Luzhen Xi Wang, a number of Anting New Town residential communities and communities Nanxiang, Jiading district pilot.

Facebook spend 20 million acquisition of VR (Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality) equipment manufacturers Oculus is no longer news, but which set off the VR and the naked eye 3D craze is the big event in recent years. Also remember to wear 3D glasses to watch the fresh and suited to "Avatar" is it? Now, in the range of 158 ° without glasses, whatever you see near or far taking a closer look, you can see clear and does not produce a sense of vertigo 4K3D effect. Naked eye 3D 2.0 is the era of the World Wide Web, as the clouds are black layout technology, the future will be exclusively developed 2D to 3D conversion system can be 120 times more efficient, which means that the future will turn more 2D videos into 3D effect, and in their own TV will be able to experience the 3D cinema effect. In addition to relatively grounded gas watching TV and playing games can use the naked eye 3D, the future of advertising, gaming, education, medical, automotive and other fields can play a lot of use. As in the education sector, teachers can show by the naked eye 3D stereoscopic geometry to help students more efficiently learning; shopping malls, public transportation, museums and other places, the naked eye 3D display and 3D shopping will become the new display and lifestyle; medical art, Web also started the naked eye 3D and 3D laparoscopic surgery combined, can get rid of the shackles of 3D studies later when doctors surgery.

In this meeting turned over, 300,000-pixel thermal imager XM64 is specially designed for the inspection of the UAV can be used for power plant monitoring, search and rescue, agriculture and other industries. In addition, the principle of making use of infrared thermal imager is a wild adventure enthusiasts essential artifact. With this telescope, we can clearly see the situation around in night vision environment, the equivalent of night hunting and explorers eyes. According to product developers Shen Chong fei introduction, the future will consider thermal imaging telescopes and social network connections, so thermal imagers screen you can always send my circle of friends, compelling and thumbs is not a problem. It is reported that prospects of a wide range of thermal imagers, such as: thermal imaging camera made of outdoor adventure binoculars become essential goods, in health care can determine whether organs and tissues showed normal temperature to determine whether cancer, influenza virus outbreak You also can quickly identify potential virus carry through body scanning, in the vaccine production and processing and transportation of food can also be effectively monitored.

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