iTherml Technology


iTherml offers Shuttereless thermal imaging products at the global market.


iTherml thermal camera module is utilized MCT midwave cooled IR sensors with high sensitivity, integrated with advanced image processing algorithm, to provide vivid thermal image videos, to detect objects in details in total darkness or harsh environment.

Thermal camera module MIC640 & MIC320 are easy to integrate with multipe interface, and available to be customized features to support user's second development. With the advantages, they are ideal to be utilizd into thermal systems such as Handheld thermal systems, surveillance systems, remote monitoring systems, search and track systems, gas detection, and more.

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■  IR resolution 320 x 256 pixels
■  Pixel pitch 15μm
■  Thermal sensitivity(NETD) <25mK
■  Frame rate in 50Hz & 100Hz optional
■  Average power consumption < 12W
■  Auto brightness & Contrast control
■  Analog video and digital video output
■  Multiple interface for easy integration
■  Multiple optical lens avaiable
■  Support user to make calibration