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iTherml offers Shuttereless thermal imaging products at the global market.

Thermal Imaging Binocular


iTherml Thermal Imaging Binocular Gemini series use a high resolution Vox-type uncooled thermal sensor and low light image sensor to offer better sense in thermal characteristics of objects in the field of view. Gemini series are designed for demanding climatic conditions and limited visibility, working in complete darkness, such as smoke, fog, snow or heavy rain, and does not produce any audible sounds while in operation.

The Gemini uses image fusion technology to make it easier to observe and track targets, and manual near focus and far focus of the Gemini features to ensure even the smallest detail to be displayed. The Gemini's integrated features include built-in storage, taking a Photo, recording video, with optional digital compass & GPS, and up to 5 hours operation in normal use from 4 x 18650 type rechargeable batteries, widely used for security, law enforcement, and more.

Thermal Imaging Binocular
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■  WDR image processing performance
■  Thermal resolution640 x 480 pixels
■  Low light resolution 1280x720 pixels
■  Thermal NETD < 40mK at f/1.0
■  5 hours long life opertion
■  Thermal & Low light image overlay
■  Thermal imaging motorized-focus
■  Digital zoom up to 8x
■  Taking photo & Recording video
■  IP67 Encapsulation
■  GPS, digital compass, WiFi (Optional)