iTherml Technology


iTherml offers Shuttereless thermal imaging products at the global market.


iTherml thermal imaging core SupCor1280 is with remarkable 1.3 MP solution sensor, which provides extraordinary thermal live video with vivid details, also offers an outstanding features and compatibility, to make them well-suited to many thermal applications.

SupCor1280 is with 12um uncooled sensor to make user to see more subjects details at far distance at any harsh environment, and with commen electrical interface as SmartCor & MicroCor series, to support intergrators with flexible and convenient system integration, to be fixed directly in existed system, and to be integrated thermal night vision systems, driving vision enhancement, thermal sights, security and surveillance products, and more.

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■  Small size: 46 x 46 x 40 mm(w/o lens)
■  Lightweight < 80g (w/o lens)
■  Time to image < 5s
■  Continuous digital zoom from x0.8 ~ x8
■  Pseudocolor HDMI analog & Digital video output
■  Defined Symbols & color upload
■  Defined text & color overlay
■  Cameralink outpout optional
■  Expansion board available
■  Athermal, manual, motorized lenses available