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Product Warranty

The warranty period of each iTherml product (Including Thermal imaging cores, Thermal Monocular, Thermal Binoculars, Thermal imaging attachment, Infrared lens, etc) is subject to the period on the ”Warranty Card” included in the package content. If the warranty period is stated in the order contract, the terms of the contract shall prevail.

Receiving products within fifteen (15) days, customer must notify iTherml of discovering of any apparent defect in materials or workmanship and can replace the product after the confirmation of iTherml.

Receiving products within the period of warranty, customer can enjoy free maintenance service of the non-artificial damage after the confirmation of iTherml. Except the above situations, customer can get paid maintenance service.

The customer is solely responsible for complying with instruction provided by iTherml including but not limited to adequately packaging the product for shipment to iTherml and for all packaging and shipment costs. iTherml will pay for returning to customer any product that iTherml repairs or replaces under warranty.