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iTherml provides a various of thermal products & solutions to meet your demands

UAV Integration

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are powerful tools that can be used for search and rescue, inspection, firefighting, etc. Professionals from industries such as public safety, equipment and building inspection or other technicians are becoming aware of the valuable efficiency from these tools. Every UAV carries a pod, which functions to carry thermal imaging cores or thermal imaging cameras. Thermal imaging integration provides UAVs with the ability to reach hazardous areas where people cannot go to conduct some research or inspections, especially in dark or partially occlouded environments.
iTherml thermal imaging cores SmartCor series and MicroCor series are with great advantages to make them well-suited for thermal integration. They have the characteristics of lightweight and small size, which can satisfy different kinds of drone pods. They offer clear thermal imaging videos with a wide selection of different lens for users to choose from.

For Firefighting
At the scene of a fire, the time is the life. When the fire happens in forests or tall buildings, a UAV with a thermal imaging core can easily locate the survival and where is the center of fire through temperature contrast. The faster the rescue speed improved, the more people see hope. Since UAV transmits the monitored infrared images to the operator’s screen directly, it largely ensures the safety of firefighters and helps them identify the best route quickly.
With the drones equipped with iTherml thermal imaging cores SmartCor640 or MicroCor640, you can achieve success in the quick detection of forest fires or tall building fires.

For Search & Scure
Whether in a heavily wooded jungle or in smoke, if there are lost people inside, lower visibility can cause great difficulties for rescue efforts. UAVs with thermal imaging cores can clearly record the actual condition via real-time images and ensure that the searchers will not get lost. Thermal drones are suitable for some complex situations, such as earthquakes, looking for missing people in the mountains, or in other disasters. As thermal drones capture pictures and videos to find out the location of the missing people, it is beneficial to design the best rescue solution and also save some time.
Even in dark, opaque environments, iTherml SmartCor640 and MicroCor640 accept thermal radiation from the target, independent of climatic or light conditions. The heat from survivors can be detected easily.

For Building and Tower inspection
To guarantee public safety, regular inspection of tall buildings and bridges is necessary because there may be some problems in blind areas that people can’t see. Thermal imaging core combined with the UAV is the efficient device to detect problems through temperature difference. Usually, inspectors of tall buildings or bridges hang themselves up in the air, putting their lives at risk. Thermal drones can enter dangerous areas that are particularly high for human beings, so the potential likelihood of inspectors losing lives during inspection is greatly reduced.
iTherml thermal imaging cores SmartCor640 and MicroCor640 with high resolutions allow them to present clear temperature difference images, so that you may make better repair decisions as soon as possible.

For Agriculture
The applications of drones for agriculture have revolutionized the whole sector. People use thermal drones to detect surface and crops temperatures or observe the irrigation situations are more convenient and accurate than traditional detecting methods. As long as the water temperature difference appears wrong on the thermal imaging image, there are some problems with the irrigation system. Besides, disease and pest pets can be monitored and given early warning for agricultural and forestry vegetation by the thermal drones.
A UAV drone with iTherml thermal imaging core SmartCor640 or MicroCor640 on its pod can provide the valuable information without the need to reach the field by foot.