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iTherml offers Shuttereless thermal imaging products at the global market.


iTherml MIC series midwave cooled thermal camera modules use a low power and light weight design. The MIC is the ideal solution when SWaP design constraints, cost, and performance are needed. MIC series incorporate the industry’s most advanced image processing, multiple functions, and with reasonablecost to be easy integrated into any MWIR System.

The MIC series produce superb thermal images using its 640 x 512 & 320 x 256 MCT 15μm and 30μm array. The MIC model has the advantages of small volume, low power consumption, high sensitivity, complete interface types, strong expandability, stable performance of the whole machine, and electromagnetic compatibility and environmental adaptability, It is suitable for cold heat imaging applications such as UAV load, night vision equipment, port monitoring, and more.

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■  IR resolution 640 x 512 pixels
■  Pixel pitch 15μm
■  Spectral range 3.7~4.8μm
■  Thermal sensitivity (NETD) <20mK
■  Digital image frame rate 50Hz/100Hz
■  Average power consumption < 25W
■  Analog video and digital video output
■  Rich interface for easy integration