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Product Repair Procedure (RMA)

As iTherml is known for its dedicated service, we offer an entire range of repair and maintenance services done by our in-house support team. Our support team exists of extensively trained and highly experienced engineers with a complete knowlegde of all iTherml' products.

Product Repair Procedure (RMA)
Please be aware that the procedure differs on whether you have purchased your iTherml product from a distributor or directly from us.

1. Product Repair Form
The first step is to fill out the Product Repair Form. To ensure we are able to identify the problem pleaseprovide a detailed fault description andasmuch information as possible about the configuration.
Fill out the Product Repair Form
This form contains:

In case you have purchased your iTherml product from a local distributor please send the Product Repair Form tothem. They will ensure the followup.
In case you have purchased your iTherml product directly from usplease send the Product Repair Form to and follow the steps below.

2. Acknowledgement Email
As soon as we receive the Product Repair Form, we will send you an Acknowlegdement Email containing:

You will need this email to returnthe goods to iTherml.

3. Shipping
The next step is the shipment of the goods. Please make sure to:

4. Repair
After receipt of the goods we will continue with the repair.

In case you have questions regarding our Product Repair Procedure, please contact us.