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Thermal Imaging Attachment Owlook-C5 & Owlook-C7 shall be launched at the middle of August

Date: 2022-07-07

The upgraded hunting thermal sights Owlook-C5 & Owlook-C7 featuring 12μm Vox sensor with high sensitivity provide brilliant image video presented on a 0.4 "1440 x 1080 OLED.

Meanwhile, Owlook-C5 & Owlook-C7 have the function of built-in 32 G with 400,000 snapshots and 40 hours video recording, and allow to transfer the live video stream through WIFI to Mobile or PC for viewing.

Besides, Owlook-C5 & Owlook-C7 are for Dual- Use, Attachment to Monocular, or Attachment to Scope by Menu setting, and without re-zeroing to quickly offer thermal sight with the ability of thermal image observation.

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