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iTherml offers Shuttereless thermal imaging products at the global market

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  • Thermal Imaging Core
Thermal Imaging Core


iTherml Thermal Imaging Cores SmartCor series are advanced and high performance thermal imaging systems. SmartCor384 is embedded the new generation detector with high sensitivity, and maintain common mechanical, electrical and optical interfaces allowing the compatibility with existing designs. The SmartCor series are just desgined for integrators to reduce development risk and shorten time to market.

The SmartCor series have been redesigned image processing to deliver enhanced scene contrast and sharpness, detect the objects with smaller differernce at greater distances, and improved electronics with lower power consumption, also multiple expansion boards available to be embedded with SmartCor series, which offer good combination of features and reliability to make them the ideal thermal camera module for unmanned vehicles, handheld thermal imagers, thermal night vision systems, driving vision enhancement, thermal imaging sights, security and surveillance, and more.

Technical Features

■  384 x 288 pixels, 17μm
■  NETD < 40mK
■  Advanced WDR image processing
■  Continuous digital zoom
■  Pseudocolor analog video output
■  BT.656 digital video output
■  Lightweight, Low power consumption
■  Common mechanical & electrical
■  User-defined symbology supported
■  IPC & SW-TNV expansion boards
■  Built-in 32G, snapshot & record video &
onboard replay
■  Athermal lens, Manual lens, and Zoom
lens available

Technical Parameters

Detector Data

Detector Type

Uncooled LWIR a-Si Microbolometer

IR resolution

384 x 288 pixels

Pixel pitch


Spectral range



50Hz | 60Hz

Image Presentation

Non uniformity calibration

Shutterless technology

Thermal sensitivity(NETD)

<40mK @ f/1.0

Time to image


Continuous digital zoom

Supported, 80~400; 2x, 4x (via RS232 controlled)

Image control

Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Continuous digital zoom, False color or Monochrome
thermal video, Contrast, Brightness, Sharpness, Denoise, System settings

Image mode

Auto BG, Auto FG, Manual, eAutoBG, eAutoFG

User-defined Symbology


Video output

False color Analog video & digital video (BT.656)

Physical Data

Weight (w/o lens & cover)


Size (w/o lens & cover)

38 x 38 x 22 mm


10 M2 X 4 on rear of core frame UNC ¼”-20 (optional accessory)

Environment Data

Operating temperature range


Storage temperature range



650g; 11msec shock pulse(all axes)


5.6g, 3axes, 8hours each


5% ~ 95% Non-condensing

Packing Includes


Thermal imaging core, serial Interface cable


Infrared lens

Interface & Expansion board

50-pin standard board | 20-pin expansion board

Primary Electrical Connector

50-pin output | 20-pin output


38 x 38 mm

Control port

UART | RS232 LVCMOS +2.5V~3.3V

Working Voltage Range

+2.5V ~ +6.0 VDC

Power dissipation

< 0.6W

Analog video output

2 analog video, PAL (standard)

Digital video output

BT.656(standard), (optional for LVDS or CMOS)

Procurement request

Specificed at the pruchase of the time

SW-TNV Expansion board

Primary Electrical Connector



38 x 38 mm

Control port

UART | RS232 LVCMOS +2.5V ~ 3.3V

Working voltage range

+3V ~ 6.0 VDC

Power dissipation

< 0.9W

Analog video output

2 analog video, PAL (Standard)

Digital video output



Built-in 32GB (up to 128G, customized) (Picture captured, Video recorded, and On-board Playback)


Yes, (Optional)

USB port

YES (data transferred to PC & power supply)


Supported (optional)

OLED display

Supported (optional)

Procurement request

Specificed at the pruchase of the time

IPC board (optional)

Primary electrical connector



38 x 38 mm

Control port

Web (UART available)

Working voltage range

9-12 VDC

Power dissipation

< 2.5W

Analog video output

2 analog video

Digital video output



Supported (optional)

Procurement request

Specificed at the pruchase of the time

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20-pin Control cable

20-pin Joystick cable

Thermal Imaging Monocular

USB - RS232

Thermal Imaging Monocular

Video capture card

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